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It’s definitely a Lifestyle

 When you look back at your life, what do you see.  Are you the woman that you hoped you would be?  Have you forgotten the vision, the dream or your goal? Are you still yearning to rediscover that spark within your soul?

What would you do if you could begin again? As dreams remembered flow through your veins. Would you be willing to rise and take the climb.  Here's your chance. Wake up. “IT'S TIME”

Join Sozo Style & Co for one of the largest conferences that caters to African American women. This year the conference will be on a virtual platform and we are excited about participating. We are looking for those of you that have a product and or service that will enhance the lives of the thousands of women that will be in attendance. Please fill out the form will all your contact information including the name of your business and your product and or service. 










Circle of Sisters Virtual Conference Form

Circle of Sisters Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference for the African American Woman. The conference will be. two day even and will have hopping, workshops and celebrity panels and so much more.