Sozo Style & Co Presents

The It's Time Celebration!

 When you look back at your life, what do you see.  Are you the woman that you hoped you would be?  Have you forgotten the vision, the dream or your goal? Are you still yearning to rediscover that spark within your soul?

What would you do if you could begin again? As dreams remembered flow through your veins. Would you be willing to rise and take the climb.  Here's your chance. Wake up. IT'S TIME!!!

Please join Sozo Style & Co in reaching 1 million women to become the leaders of change that we are called to be. What dream or goal have you forgotten or put on hold because you thought that your time had past. It's Time for your gift to be revealed to the world. No more shrinking to fit in when you are meant to stretch and stand out. We challenge you to invite at least 5 women to join the celebration by purchasing the It's Time Rose Gold Bracelet.  A percentage of every bracelet sold will go towards rescuing young girls and women from the horrific world of sex trafficking. We look forward to celebrating each and everyone of you as we come together to create positive changes in our communities that will then create positive changes in our world.

P.S. We invite you to sign up for the Sozo Style & Co Newsletter which will give more insight on how you are helping to combat human trafficking.  We also will be sharing future plans that  we are working on going into 2019.  The newsletter is free and you do not have to make a purchase to join. We  promise that it willl be informative, uplifting and absolutely LIFE CHANGING!!!

God Bless